Today's Zmanim

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014
טו' ניסן תשע"ד
15 Nissan 5774

Parshat Hashavua:
Daf Yomi: Beitzah 16

1st Day Pesach
Candle Lighting Tue 8:17 PM

Tuesday Night 1
Today's Zmanim
Talis 5:19 AM טלית
Sunrise 6:16 AM נץ
Shema 9:36 AM שמע
Min Ged 1:29 PM 'מנחה ג
Sunset 7:34 PM שקיעה
Tzeis 8:17 PM צאת


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Chavrusa matchmaking

If you are looking to add more Torah learning into your schedule and are looking for a chavrusa (study partner), the Education Committee would like to help!

Feel free to contact us at, specifying what topic you would like to learn (and your flexibility regarding that topic), your general time availability, and any other details you would like to share. We will try to help you find a chavrusa based, and we can put anonymous messages in the shul bulletin to see if anyone else is interested in learning the same Torah subject as you.

We hope this enhances the Talmud Torah we already have!