Special Events

Yachad Shabbaton

We are pleased to announce that Einstein will once again be hosting our friends at Yachad for a Shabbaton the weekend of March 6th-7th!

This Shabbaton is a communal effort, and we can’t make it happen without YOU! We will need your help in several specific arenas:

1) Housing Yachad members and advisers

2) Hosting Yachad members and advisers for the Friday night meal

3) Being an adviser for a Yachad member

There will be a communal lunch and seudah shlishit. Lunch is free for everyone who houses Yachad guests and/or hosts them for the Friday night meal. There may be a small fee for others (still to be determined). Seudah shlishit is free for all.

To help out with and/or sign up for any of the above, please click on THIS LINK!

In addition, there will be a Friday night oneg/activity as well as a motzei Shabbos activity in which all are invited to participate!

And finally: What is Yachad? Yachad is an international organization that promotes inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the Jewish community. It is about making everyone feel–and know–that they have a place. In Yachad, everybody belongs. For more information, please watch this video. Also, February is North American Inclusion Month, or NAIM for short. To find out more, click here.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks so much!

~The Yachad Shabbaton Committee


Weekly Bulletin

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Chavrusa matchmaking

If you are looking to add more Torah learning into your schedule and are looking for a chavrusa (study partner), the Education Committee would like to help!

Feel free to contact us at einstein.chavrusas@gmail.com, specifying what topic you would like to learn (and your flexibility regarding that topic), your general time availability, and any other details you would like to share. We will try to help you find a chavrusa based, and we can put anonymous messages in the shul bulletin to see if anyone else is interested in learning the same Torah subject as you.

We hope this enhances the Talmud Torah we already have!