May 18-21, 2018 (Parshat Bamidbar, Shavuot 5778)

Friday night, 5/18/18

Mincha / Candle Lighting: 7:50pm


Shabbat day (Parshat Bamidbar), 5/19/18

Shacharit: 9:00am

Tot Shabbat: 10:30am

  • Following shacharit is the MEAT potluck in the social hall for those who signed up.
  • Chaim Szachtel welcomes everyone to 1945 2E on Shabbat afternoon to play board games and use pom poms.
  • At 6:15pm, join us in the Shul for a light Seudah Shlishit, together with board games and fun. Preceding birkat ha-mazonDani Edelman will give a short dvar Torah. 

Mincha: 7:45pm

Shkiah: 8:10pm

Candle Lighting: Not before 8:51pm

Maariv: 8:51pm


Tikkun Leil Shavuot

We are excited to have a full program this year for tikkun leil Shavuot. You are welcome to join us to learn on your own, or to attend some or all of these shiurim:

  • 12:00am: Rabbi Schrier: “Conversion, Matan Torah and the Fraternity of Am Yisrael 
  •  1:00am: Nili Greenberg: “The Humble King: Perceiving and Emulating God” 
  • 1:30am: Evan Kominsky: “A Shiur for Talmud Torah 
  • 2:15am: Adam Roth: “The Afterbirth of a Mule? Riddles in Aggadah” 
  • 2:45am: Atara Roth: “Who Am I to G-d?” 
  • 4:00am: Jerry Karp: “Greater Is One Hour: Palliative Care in Halakhah 

We’ll also have deluxe dairy snacks and Starbucks iced coffee. Please join us! 


Shavuot Day 1 (5/20/18)

Alot Ha-Shachar: 3:54am
Earliest Tallit: 4:36am
Shacharit 1: 5:10am
Hanetz Ha-Chammah: 5:35am
Shacharit 2: 9:00am

  • Following the second Shacharit, Kiddush will be sponsored by Rabbi Zalman and Tamar Teitelbaum in honor of the bar mitzvah of their son Eliyahu.

Mincha: 7:45pm

  •   Between Mincha and Maariv, there will be a shiur by Jerry Karp on the topic, “The Special Sefer of Tanakh of the Second Day of Shavuot (That’s Not Megillat Rut)” 

Shkiah: 8:11pm

Candle Lighting: Not before 8:52 pm

Maariv: 8:52pm


Shavuot Day 2 (5/21/18)

Shacharit: 9:00am

  • Following shacharit is the DAIRY potluck in the social hall for those who signed up. 
  • At 3:00pm, join us in the social hall for board games and snacks. 

Mincha: 7:45pm

  • Between Mincha and Maariv, join us for a special Neilat Ha-Chag in the shul social hall, with singing and a Dvar Torah by Rabbi Schrier. 

Maariv: 8:57pm

Yom Tov Ends: 9:02pm