AECOM Shabbat Hospitality Committee

Over the last few years, much progress has been made to ensure that everyone has Shabbat meals every week.  This committee will continue this effort and incorporate new ideas to connect Einstein students, spouses, shul attendees, and guests with Shabbat meals.  Please volunteer to help out! If you are looking for a meal for Shabbat, please contact us at


Shul Board Liaison: Naomi Schwartz

Bake Sale Committee

The Bake Sale Committee spearheads yummy community bake sales to raise funds for important causes, such as the IDF.


Shul Board Liaison: Ari Matityahu

Bikur Cholim

This committee helps organize the weekly Shabbat visits to Cavalry hospital.  In addition, members assist and arrange volunteers to set up the Holzberg Hospitality House located next to Weiler hospital.


Shul Board Liaison: Naomi Schwartz

Building Commitee

The Building Committee is a brand new Committee; it is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of the Shul's physical structure. This includes Shul safety, cleanliness, comfortability (air conditioning, heating), and appearance.


Shul Board Liaison: Abby Bergman

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans events for the community that emphasize Torah learning and spiritual growth. Such events include weekly learning programs, guest speakers, scholar-in-residence weekends and other Torah-related programs. The Committee tries to plan programs that appeal to the diverse community we have at Einstein, and so it is important that we include Committee members that represent the diverse interests in our community.


Shul Board Liaison: Rachel Spira

Email Groups (Listservs)

The community currently has two email groups (listservs). One is exclusively for general announcements, such as daily and weekly schedules, as well as upcoming events in the shul. The second is a forum for people to find rides, buy and sell books and furniture, and find just about anything they might need at any time. You can sign up for either email group in the right sidebar.


Shul Board Liaison: Naomi Schwartz

Israel Committee

The Israel Committee organizes speakers and other events (Yom Yerushalayim, Yom Ha'atzmaut, Yom Hashoah), and encourages and provides opportunities to support Israel in a variety of ways, such as tefilla, advocacy, and financially, and in this way ensures our community remains informed about important news in Israel and emotionally connected to Israel.


Shul Board Liaison: Abby Bergman

Kiddush Committee

This Committee organizes Shul kiddushes to further our sense of community. The Committee members oversee the ordering of food and the set up/clean-up of kiddushes and other Shul-sponsored food events.


Shul Board Liaison: Abby Bergman

Mikvah Committee

The local Mikvah (which is primarily used by the Einstein community) is in dire need of aesthetic improvements and financial support. The Mikvah Committee initiates fundraising for the Mikvah and improves our community's connection to the Mikvah. Everyone in the community (men/women, marrieds/singles) has something to offer in support of this very important issue. This year, Dean Burns is leading an effort to build a new Mikvah on campus; the aim is for the new Mikvah to open its doors in the Spring/Summer of 2015. Please see our Mikvah Info Page to find out more information about our local Mikvah.


Shul Board Liaison: Yosef Krausz

Mommy Meals Committee

The mommy meals committee organizes volunteers who then provide a week of meals for the parents of a new baby at their convenience in order to help with their transition. This committee has always been a wonderful part of our community and has fed new parents for generations.


Shul Board Liaison: Yosef Krausz

Shul Website

This committee is in charge of designing, maintaining, and updating the shul website, whether it be adding new events and announcements or creating whole new pages for our shul to enjoy.


Shul Board Liaison: Ari Matityahu

Social Committee

This committee initiates and plans social events for the shul that allow shul members to interact outside the realm of studies and work. Examples of events are:

  • Single events
  • Saturday night movie and pizza
  • Ice cream socials
  • Friday night Onegs
  • Shabbatonim (ski shabbaton!)
  • Hopefully many more!


Shul Board Liaison: Yosef Krausz

Weekly Bulletin

Designing and publishing a weekly bulletin for the community which includes community events and special occasions. Includes a schedule of davening times and other important community announcements.


Shul Board Liaison: Ari Matityahu