Dedication and Endowment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in donating to our synagogue.
You can pledge online using our Donation Form.

All donations are tax deductible.

Dedication Opportunities

To furnish and maintain the new Synagogue

Aron Kodesh $100,000 Rabbi’s Chair Donated
Torah Crown and Breast Plate $50,000 Rabbi’s Shtender $2,500
Shulchan $20,000 Prayer for the State of Israel Reserved
Ner Tamid Donated Maimonides’ Prayer for the Doctor Donated
Grand Entrance $20,000 Tefillin $1,500
Daily Parochet Donated Kiddush Cup Donated
Holiday Parochet Donated Havdalla Set Donated
Men’s Section Donated Table for Beit Medrash (4) $1,500
Women’s Section Donated Tzedaka Box (2) Donated
Dedication Wall Reserved Modim Derabanan Donated
Shulchan Cover Donated Kol Hanearim Tallit Donated
Menorah $9,000 Aliyah LaTorah Cards Donated
Kissei Shel Eliyahu $9,000 Yad for Reading Torah Donated
Chazzan’s Amud $7,500 Kohanim Washing Cup Donated
Ritual Washing Station Donated Beit Knesset Chair (100) $360
Main Entrance Mezuzah Donated Chumash (75) $100
Torah Cover for Reading $5,000 Siddur (75) $54

Endowment Opportunities

To give ongoing support for Synagogue programming

Albert Einstein Synagogue Rabbi Donated
Center for Jewish Life at Einstein $100,000
Scholar-in-Residence Program $75,000
Social and Singles Events $50,000
Shabbat Hospitality $36,000
Children’s Tefilla and Activities $36,000
Mikvah Beautification Fund $36,000
Eruv Maintenance $36,000
Israel Committee $36,000

Leveled Giving

Donations with or without endowment or dedication

YU Guardian $100,000
Pillar $50,000
Master Builder $36,000
Builder $18,000
Supporter $7,500
Donor $1,000

Leveled Giving for Students and Residents

To sponsor someone please contact us at

Resident Builder $1,800
Student Builder $1,000
Student Supporter $250


  • Leveled Giving will be acknowledged on the synagogue’s dedication wall and on our web site.
  • Dedication will be personalized with a plaque or inscription.


If you wish to donate beyond the above possibilities, please tell us how to best utilize your donation:

  • Torah Study
  • Community Programming
  • Synagogue Furnishing and Maintenance