Praba Shabbat with Rabbi Yitzi Genack

May 18, 2012 – May 19, 2012 all-day

The schedule of events for the Praba Shabbat is as follows:

Friday Night:  The candidate will give a 5 min dvar torah in shul before Maariv.
Shabbat Day Program:
  • Drasha: The candidate will give the drasha during shul before Mussaf.
  • Kiddush: Dairy Kiddush to meet and mingle with Rabbi Genack and his family.
  • Short Shiur & Smoozing: Approximately 90 min before Mincha, Rabbi Genack will give a short 15 minutes shiur, which will be followed by a small period of time to talk with members of the community.  The goal of this program is to enable those who may not be able to attend the longer shiur or drasha to have another chance to meet the Rabbi and to hear him in a less formal shiur setting.
  • Question and Answer Session:  Approximately one hour before Mincha, everyone is invited to this informative session.  Since we will be limited on time, we ask that people submit questions in advance from which we will try to choose those that seem most relevant to the larger community. If a submitted question does not get asked, or if someone has questions they would like to ask privately, the candidate will be available throughout Shabbat and on Sunday.  (Light Seudat Shelishit Refreshments will be offered during the Q+A session.)
  • Shiur:  After Mincha, Rabbi Genack will give a longer 45-50 minutes shiur during the Rabbi’s usual Shabbat afternoon time slot.

Sunday:  Rabbi Genack is invited to return after Mincha/Maariv Sunday evening.  He will give a 10 min dvar torah, followed by approximately half an hour to socialize.  We understand that in our community, it may be difficult for everyone to stay in each Shabbat to meet every candidate.  This program should allow members who were unable to attend the Shabbat events to have another chance to listen to and meet each candidate.