Local Kosher Establishments

Local Bronx

AECOM Cafeteria & Café     OU  
Weiler Hospital     OU Kosher cafeteria
Delicious on Lydig 746 Lydig Ave 718-239-5455 KAJ Bakery/café/pizza
Golden Glow Cookies 1844 Givan Ave 718-379-6223 OK  
Just Bagels 527 Casanova St 718-328-9700 OU Will deliver with one day notice
Monroe Frozen Foods 1790 Eastchester Rd 718-931-5850 KAJ Open Monday-Thursday
Fairway Market 847 Pelham Parkway
Pelham Manor
914-633-6550 ChufK Kosher Bakery, Meats


Cafeccino Bakery 269 West 231st St. 718-601-1111 VHR Bakery/cafe, pizza
Delivers to Einstein
Dunkin Donuts 508 West 259th St. 718-432-1289 VHW Donuts, bagels, Baskin-Robbins
Carlos and Gabby’s 5685 Riverdale Ave 718-543-8226 VHW Mexican
Corner Café and Bakery 3718 Riverdale Ave. 718-601-2861 VHR Parve, Dairy Middle Eastern & Pasta
Geshmake Fish 513 West 236th St. 718-432-5157 VHR Fresh kosher fish; delivers
Ginger Grill
3717 Riverdale Ave. 718-601-7763 VHR Chinese, barbecue, sushi
Glatt Shop, Inc. 3540 Johnson Ave. 718-548-4855 VHR Butcher/Super Market
Gruenebaum’s Bakery 5663 Riverdale Ave. 718-432-4779 VHR Bakery/cafe
Judaen Hills Pizza 5677 Riverdale Ave. 718-432-8320 VHR Pizza, sushi; Delivers to Einstein
Moss Cafe 3260 Johnson Ave. 347-275-5000 VHR Cafe and espresso bar
Mother’s Bake Shop 548 West 235th St. 718-796-5676 VHR Bakery/cafe
Mr. Bagel of Broadway 5672 Broadway 718-549-0408 VHR Bagels & Pizza
M&M Kosher Bakery 3515 Johnson Ave. 347-326-8648 VHR Bakery; pita bread a specialty
Riverdale Judaica 3702 Riverdale Ave. 718-601-7563   Books/gifts
Riverdale Kosher Market 5683 Riverdale Ave. 718-884-2222 VHR Skyview Center. Will deliver for $2 surcharge
S & S Cheesecake 222 W. 238th St. 718-549-3888 VHR Cheesecakes
Skyview Glatt Kosher Deli 5665 Riverdale Ave. 718-796-8596 VHR Deli and Middle Eastern

New Rochelle

Eden Wok
1327 North Ave. 914-637-9363 VHQ Chinese & Sushi
Grill Point 1305 North Ave. 914-637-6263 VHQ  
New Roc Glatt
77 Quaker Ridge Rd. 914-636-2600 VHQ  
Prime Time Café 1319 North Ave. 914-654-1646 VHQ Pizza & Pasta
Sammy’s NY Bagel 134 North Ave. 914-235-7800 VHW  
Stop and Shop Bakery 2425 Palmer Ave. 914-632-7084 VHM  
Stop and Shop Bakery 28 Harrison St. 914-637-2510 VHM  


Supersol 1066 Wilmont Rd. 914-472-2240 VHQ  
The Gourmet Chef 1124 Wilmont Rd. 914-725-7736 VHQ  


Stop and Shop Bakery 111 Vredenberg Ave. 914-803-1431 VHM  

Mt. Vernon

Stop and Shop Bakery 240 E Sandford Blvd. 914-663-8752 VHM  

Grocery Delivery

Kosher.com     VH5T Order by 2pm Tues, delivery Wed. night
by Stop and Shop
      Next day delivery


Roman Shoe Repair 746 Lydig Ave. 718-518-1049   Frum Shoe repair
Inspiration Gallery 1333B North Ave. 914-633-8508   Judaica Bookstore



VHR Vaad of Riverdale 718-548-1850
Rabbi Mordechai Willig/Rabbi Asher Bush
VHQ Vaad of Queens 718-520-9060 Rabbi Richmond
VHW Vaad of Westchester 718-796-0028 Rabbi Herskowitz
KVH Vaad HaKashrut of Massachusetts/NE 617-426-2139 Rabbi Krems
RCBC Rabbinical Council of Bergen County    
KAJ Khal Adath Jeshurun    
Star-K    732-367-2552 Rabbi Heinemann