Mikvah Info

Mikvah Eitz Chaim

708 Mace Avenue (between White Plains Road and Cruger Avenue)
Bronx, NY 10467

Anyone wishing to have a tour of the Mikvah should call Mrs. Luchins at (718) 822‑1216.

  • Keilim: Call Mrs. Gelnick at (718) 231‑3481 for information. Suggested donation of $10.
  • Women: Call (718) 798‑6173 and leave a message at least 24 hours in advance. The message should include your name, telephone number, and when you are in need of the Mikvah. If you are unable to leave a message or the machine is not working, call Mrs. Pruzansky at (718) 863‑2965. For Friday night appointments, call Chani Yondorf at (201) 452‑2109. For any other questions or if you cannot reach any of the above, please call Mrs. Luchins at (718) 822‑1216 (H) or (347) 680‑9911 (C) or Mrs. Gelnick at (718) 231‑4381.
    Suggested donation of $18.
  • Men: Call Mr. Edelstein at (917) 209‑9492 to make an appointment. The Mikvah is usually open for men Erev Yom Tov; call for details if no e‑mail notice is sent.
    Suggested donation of $10.


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Call office for info