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Thank you to all those who have donated.

Item Dedications

Beit Knesset & Social Hall Yeshiva University Women’s Organization and Future Builders Young Leadership
The Albert Einstein Synagogue Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Chaya Burns
Morris Broder Judaic and Jewish Medical Ethics Library Anonymous
Men’s Section Dr. Daniel Farkas
Women’s Section Mr. Mordechai D. Katz Dedicated in Honor of Monique C. Katz (AECOM ’63) and Dr. Rachel Katz Sidlow (AECOM ’95 )
Daily Parochet Hy and Ann Arbesfeld Dedicated in memory of their parents
Holiday Parochet Diane Wassner Holiday Parochet Dedicated In honor of Dinah Pinczower National Chairman, Yeshiva University Women’s Organization Founder, Future Builders Young Leadership
Shofar and Stand Mr. and Mrs. Joachim and Dinah Pinczower
Mezuzot for Beit Knesset (2) Mr. and Mrs. Joachim and Dinah Pinczower Dedicated in Honor of Mrs. Pinczower’s 30 Years of Distinguished Leadership
Main Entrance Mezuzah Ruth L. Gottesman Main Entrance Mezuzah Dedicated In honor of Dr. Ed Burns, M.D.
Rabbi’s Chair
Kiddush Cup Morris Joseph and Yosefa Knoll The kiddush Cup dedicated In Honor of Our Granddaughter Sara Knoll’s Bat Mitzvah
Havdalah Set Howie Forman Dedicated in Honor of Rabbi Blass and Rabbi Mondrow
Tzedakkah Box Julia and Elie Gittler Dedicated in Memory of Our Grandparents, Jacob Brem and Gilda Gittler
Tzedakkah Box Dr. Myer and Mrs. Janis Roszler Dedicated in Memory of Buzz Nathanson, MD
Yad for Torah Reading Dr. Mordechai & Bena Tarlow Dedicated in Honor of the Shul and in Thanks For All That We Gained From It
Aliyah Cards Michal and Yoni Frankel
Kol HaNea’arim Talit Ariella and Aryeh Rosenbaum Dedicated in Honor of Their Parents, Hadar & Harris Bram and Yehuda & Andria Rosenbaum
Modim DeRabanan Dr. and Mrs. Morris Joseph Knoll Dedicated in Honor of Our Granddaughter Sara Knoll’s Bat Mitzvah
Maimonides Prayer for the Doctor Dr. and Mrs. Morris Joseph Knoll
Kohanim Washing Cup The Krausz Family Dedicated in Memory of Jackie and Morris Arbisser
Shulchan Cover Professor William and Bernice Schwartz

Leveled Giving

YU Guardian Yeshiva University Women’s Organization
YU Guardian Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Chaya Burns
Master Builder Mr. and Mrs. Jed Shivers
Builder Hymn Arbsfed
Builder Danny Farkas
Builder Mordechai D. Katz Dedicated in Honor of Monique C. Katz (AECOM ’63) and Dr. Rachel Katz Sidlow (AECOM ’95 )
Supporter Ruth Gottesman
Donor Dr. & Mrs. Morris Joseph Knoll
Donor Joachim and Dinah Pinczower and Family
Donor Rabbi Leib Geliebter
Donor Dr. and Mrs. Arbesfeld
Donor Mr. and Mrs. Sol Englander
Donor Dr. Harvey Kranzler
Donor Morris Joseph and Yosefa Knoll
Donor The Krausz Family
Donor Mordechai Tarlow
Resident Builder Howie Forman Dedicated In Honor of Rabbi Blass and Rabbi Mondrow
Student Builder Tamar and JJ Brandler
Student Builder Yonah and Lauren Bardos
Student Builder Yoni and Michal Frankel
Student Builder Ari and Rebecca Geleibter
Student Builder Elie and Julia Gittler
Student Builder Barry Holzer Dedicated in Honor of David & Aliza Stern
Student Builder Ariella and Aryeh Rosenbaum
Student Builder Shira Roszler Dedicated in Memory of Buzz Nathanson, MD
Student Supporter Michael and Aviva Berkowitz
Student Supporter Jennifer and Alexander Chester
Student Supporter Jeffrey and Helen Garden Dedicated in Honor of Bradley Garden (AECOM 2014)
Student Supporter Yardanna and Mordechai Koppel
Student Supporter Timi Strauss

Synagogue Chair Donations

Dr. Neil and Susy Adler Dedicated in Memory of Harry Adler
Marc Ballas
Shana Joy Ballas
Solomon Judah Ballas
Dedicated in Honor of Solomon Judah Ballas
and in Honor of Jamie Kamel Yatcha
Rachel Balsam
Ari Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Elise Ciner & Family Dedicated in Memory of Sigmund Ciner
Joshua Dym Dedicated in Memory of Molly Dym
Reba Etra
Yoseph Goldstein Dedicated in Honor of Dr. Doctor Yitzchak Goldstein
Alana and Philip Green Dedicated in Memory of Max and Nora Aranoff, Shirley Green, Fred Messinger, & Sol and Marsha Waltuch
Samuel and Rachel Groner
Jay and Aviva Gross Dedicated in Memory of Ilan Tokayer
Zev Jacobson
Jessica and Jeremy Kirschner
Drs. Todd Heller and Ruth Klein
Ethan and Madeline Kra
Dr. Yaakov and Yocheved Lipshitz Dedicated in Honor of Dr. Edward Burns
Jay and Gita Lisker Dedicated in Honor of Our Parents
Shira (Rivkin) and Sam Markowitz Dedicated in Memory of Rabbi Jacob and Rebbetzin Yehudit Bulka
Berl and Rebecca Nadler & Family Dedicated in Honor of Dr. Ariella E Nadler, Class of 2011
Joe and Chaya Schwartz Dedicated in Honor of the Schwartz Family
Roberta and Scott Steppa Dedicated in Memory of Mildred Steppa
Dr. Bernard and Ruth Stern Dedicated in Honor of Dr. David and Aliza Stern
Dr. Jeffrey and Helene Warhit Dedicated in Honor of Scott Warhit, Michael Warhit, Sharon Warhit, and Alana Warhit
Diane Wassner
Chani and Menachem Yondorf
Melvin and Florence Zelefsky
Deborah and Lawrence Zwany Dedicated in Honor of the Birth of Goodman
Israel Zyskind