Our Shul

With over 200 adults and 40 children, the Albert Einstein Synagogue is larger and more vibrant than ever before. In addition to a wealth of Torah study, we have over 100 events each year, from children’s tefillah to Israel programming to potluck communal meals. We work hard to provide what one student called “an oasis of Jewish life.”

Close to home, we inject a young flourishing dynamic into the local hospitals and Pelham Parkway community. We raise thousands of dollars for the local eruv and mikvah, and host local residents, ensuring that they do not eat Shabbat meals alone. Friday rarely passes without a last minute email, requesting visitors for a patient or an apartment for their relatives.

On campus, whether studying in the library, collaborating in the hospital, or at a Shabbat meal, Einstein shul members have countless opportunities to demystify Orthodox Judaism, be exemplars of ethical and caring physicians, and help people from all walks of life understand and respect each other.

Brimming with warmth and enthusiasm, our passionately Modern Orthodox community has become a regional magnet of Jewish life. Friends and family visit for Shabbat and Yom Tov by the score, the annual Yachad, Jewish Medical Ethics and Singles (or “Chap-a-Doc”) Shabbatonim easily fill to capacity, and our Saturday night mixers draw hundreds of young professionals from across the tri-state area.

Join us during the week or spend a Shabbat on campus and experience the energy and the warmth of the
Albert Einstein Synagogue!