Sponsor a Kiddush

Sponsoring kiddush is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event. It’s also a nice way to support the Shul.

Effective immediately, the new rate to sponsor a Shul kiddush on Shabbos is $36. This new rate represents a reduction from the previous rate of $50.

The first member to email the kiddush committee (smithmordechai@gmail.com) reserves the kiddush sponsorship for the requested weekend. Payment can be made via check made out to Einstein Synagogue and delivered to Rachel Spira or via the paypal link below.

When sponsorsing a kiddush at the above rates, you may purchase packaged, Kosher-certified (OU or Kof-K or any other certification approved by Rabbi Hindin) food or drinks to be served at your Kiddush, to complement the normal food and drink that’s included in the price of sponsorship that the Shul supplies. If you would like to sponsor a meat Kiddush, please contact the kiddush committee for applicable rates.


Kiddush Sponsorship Options